GARDEN HOURS 2017: Being With Our Microbial Friends on the Eve of a Full Green Corn Moon

WHEN: Sunday, August 6, 2017 4:30 - 8:30 pm

WHERE: 2615 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90039

WHAT'S at the Happening: 

Storytime Grounding  4:30-5:00. Eco-inspirational text excerpts read aloud – Rudolf Steiner, Virginia Woolf, Ed Yong, Timothy Morton, Emma Marris – paired with homemade, wild-gathered flower essences by Lacey Wozny.

Dirt Bar with Tea Pairings Play in the dirt and sip some teas in ceramic vessels by Sarah Vandersall .

Body Weather Workshop  5:00-5:30. Gardener and explorer Jeffrey Hutchison, a student at Body Weather Farm, guides improvisational movement and awareness exercises.

Neighborhood Plant Walk 6:00-6:30 Local native plant expert Yara Zair shares observations about the complex ecosystems flourishing on our sidewalks.

Immersive Sounds 6:30-8:30 Musical duo Electric Sound Bath (Ang Wilson & Brian Griffith) create a sound experience weaving together nature, philosophy, singing bowls, and electric instrumentation.

Qi Gong and Biodynamic-Inspired Full-Moon Movement and Meditation 7:30-8:30. Low-impact and gentle practice with choreographer and dancer Laurel Atwell 

Maiden LA 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

7-9pm Garden Hours Opening. Sculptural Installation, performance by Electric Sound Bath

Sculptural work by Gina Zycher, Sarah Vandersall, Heidi Anderson, and Margaret Gallagher. Created for the garden and inspired by the relationship of people, art, and plants. Musical duo Electric Sound Bath will perform at 7:30pm. Sound Baths are immersive experiences that incorporate Eastern Gongs and Singing Bowls to balance the neurons of the brain and vibrate the body's molecules in tandem. The effects are relaxing and euphoric. FREE/DONATION


Sunday, August 28, 2016

4-5pm Native Plant Tea Service

Explore the tastes of Los Angeles native plants! Herbalist Ash Cornejo of Painted Cave Apothecary will guide participants in the benefits of 5 medicinal plants native to Southern California. Sip from ceramic vessels by artist Sarah Vandersall while enjoying the ritual of tea in the garden.

6-7pm Body Weather Workshop with Jeff Hutchison

Bodyweather is a movement practice that explores the space between you and I. Jeffrey Hutchison studied this practice at Bodyweather farm with Min Tanaka and will share a number of basic exercises.  FREE/DONATION

7-8:30pm Sunset Meditation with Jessica Snow

Adventure into the inner realms of the garden. Starting just before sunset and ending in the gloaming (with some candle magic mixed in), come take part in this unique nature meditation experience with Jessica Snow. Jessica is L.A.'s favorite nature meditation guide, creating mystical experiences that are profound, pleasurable and visionary. Get tickets here.