Garden Hours are a meditation on the ritual of spending time in a garden. A series of four happenings invite visitors to discover and participate in an urban garden space: exploring the garden as a medium, a meeting space, a wild foliage space. As the living landscape of the garden is a network of individual organisms in symbiosis, each event hosted within the garden scape encourages interaction and connection to the metaphors that a garden offers. The events provoke reflection on a person’s relationship with a garden, with themselves, with nature, with the city. They do what a garden does best: inspire creation and relaxation with a therapeutic effect.

Humans have always had a close relationship with plants, which has varied over the eons from survival-based (gathering food and medicine, learning to purposefully cultivate and breed plants) to pleasurable (the ornamental garden, public parks, habitat restoration).  As inhabitants of Los Angeles, that relationship is charged with change and possibility. We see our waterways, parks, sidewalks, and hillsides shaped by a variety of forces - some threatening, some positive - and in turn, we shape our attitudes about those spaces.  

Garden Hours are a suggestion to seek within ourselves a balance - to synthesize those forces, and forge a new way of interacting with our natural spaces that starts on intimate level of a backyard. Activities include guided meditation, live plant drawing, a native plant tea service, and site-specific sculpture, and all encourage learning and engagement with the living things in an urban backyard.

Organized by Margaret Gallagher and Sarah Vandersall as part of Maiden LA.